Print Management

What does it mean

We participate with you in the idea development for print materials and give our advice and recommendations
We prepare detailed specification of the printed materials
We find the best print service suppliers according to the project requirements
We ask for, gather and analyse quotes for printing and delivery of printed materials
We chose and negotiate with the print supplier for achieving optimal terms and results
We clarify with the designers technical requirements for the preparation of print files
We prepare a time line for printing and delivering the printed materials
We check and control the quality of work during the whole project, from design to the finished product
We communicate and defend your requirements with subcontractors
We check the production and evaluate the quality before delivery to the client

What are the benefits

We advocate for the client, project and design
We bear the responsibility that you will receive your products as you expect them and in the prearranged timeline
We know all major print processes and can offer you an alternative for achieving similar results
We have vast knowledge on different types of medias suitable for your projects
We are well updated for every new technology that you can take advantage of
We support the project from the idea of the designer to the printed product
We discover and eliminate the obstacles and problems on the fly
We foresee potential dangers and guide the project around them
We can do miracles with subcontractors
We are passionate for the art of printing
We ensure that you, your design and product look fantastic!